January 2021
​Junior Achievement Education Center Edison NJ

Introduction to Python

This is a beginner’s workshop for students who may have limited but some knowledge about the basics of coding. We will be going through the basics of python, its use cases, and practice exercises along the way.

Introduction to Java

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, currently running on over 7 billion devices and with a huge variety of use cases ranging from Android app development to self-driving cars. This workshop offers a wide range of beginner to intermediate Java concepts, from printing “Hello World!” to understanding classes and access modifiers.

Introduction to C++

This workshop will give beginners insight into C++ programming and programming in general. The workshop contains several small practice problems and explanations of various basic programming skills. It covers topics from input and output all the way to classes and structs to give students a full overview of C++ so they can begin using it in small applications.

Introduction to HTML

This is a beginner workshop for students who have limited coding knowledge. Students will explore HTML and learn how to create a basic website.